September 29, 2003
"gameSpace is exactly what Caligari has promised: a reasonably-priced, full-featured 3D modeling, texturing and animation application program dedicated to the game development community. With their promise of additional formats for free, and their dedication to the further development of the application, there really isn't an application more suited to independent game development available anywhere that can match its price-performance ratio."

September 24, 2003
"Featuring a professional sized list of modeling, surfacing, rendering, animation, and scripting features gameSpace is being touted as a high end game content creation tool for budget minded developers and modders.

If you're a developer this is a potentially huge announcement, as high quality modeling programs can be an extraordinarily daunting expense."

September 14, 2003
"gameSpace was created for those that are looking for an all-inclusive high performance tool at an affordable price point to create game graphics. It is based on Caligari's flagship product trueSpace 6.6, with a features list that is specific to mod-developers, game developers and those who are interested in learning about 3D."

September 1, 2003
"But just what does gameSpace offer you - the game developers? Well if you take the package on a feature-by-feature basis it actually weighs in there up with the industry heavyweights like 3DS Max and Maya and yet it won't break your bank balance in the process."

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