Want training, or content? Looking for a lesson in how to get your character in Quake 3, or trying to find that Homer Simpson mesh you always wanted to try modifying for yourself? Then you've come to the right place!

Below are our partners, where you will find the best in tutorials, useful tools and software, and the widest and most comprehensive collection of existing game mods and models. Our model providers are also the place to go when you've created something of your own and you want to share it with everyone.


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Click to visit the Milkshape home page

Click to visit the Milkshape home page

chUmbaLum sOft are the makers of game content development tools, including a Half Life model viewer, an MD2 viewer, and of course MilkShape, known for its comprehensive support of all the most popular game formats.

Based in Zurich, Switzerland, chUmbaLum sOft were formed in 1996, and are now strategic partners with Caligari. Their website provides access not only to their tools and software, but also to others that are of interest to gameSpace owners, and tutorials covering many game formats. Click to visit the Milkshape home page

3D Buzz
are famed for their creation of tutorials in streaming video form, which they call Video Training Modules (or VTM for short), and which teach all aspects of all the major 3D applications - and most of those tutorials are available FREE!

The courses are accessible and fun, while being detailed and informative, so you can be enjoying yourself while learning invaluable information. 3D Buzz have already created one tutorial for gameSpace, on creating a character for use in Quake 3, and this particular video course is available only to gameSpace purchasers.

There will be more high-quality videos from 3D Buzz in future, and a closer connection to the sister site, Mastering Unreal.

Click to see the syllabus of a course on Unreal Tournament game design!


Premier Press is a well known publisher, and the leader in releasing books directly relevant to the game development community. Whether you are interested in programming with Dark Basic, getting to grips with Direct X, writing mods for Quake 3, or learning how to produce 2D and 3D graphics for games, you'll find a book from them to meet your needs!

Not only do they have an excellent collection of existing titles, but they are always releasing more, covering the latest topics relevant to game developers everywhere. Of coutse, they also have an excellent collection of computer books not specific to games too, so if you want to learn C++ or the ins and outs of graphic design, you'll find books to meet your needs here.



polycount is a site worth visiting, no matter what game you play -  you'll find all the major ones represented here!

The site features everything from the latest news in the world of gaming, to the largest collection of downloads and mods you'll find on the net, covering all the major game formats. They also have lots of tutorials, handy tools, and other useful information.

Head over there to grab yourself some content to load up into gameSpace and modify, learn about making mods for your favorite game, or just keep up with what's happening.


BASIC has long been known as a language that is easy to learn, yet very powerful. What if you could have that ease of use and commands that seem almost like writing in English, yet have access to a 3D engine?


The Game Creators let you do just that, through their powerful DarkBASIC and DarkBASIC Professional programming language and development environment. This is a long established product that is one of the easiest ways to start with coding your own game, yet still offers the power an experienced developer would expect!

As well as the details on their programming languages, you'll also find downloads of games and graphical demos that show just what you can achieve, and there are also the expansion packs and toolsets like Dark Matter and Dark Matter 2 (royalty free collections of characters and objects in X format).




3D Game Studio from Conitec is a powerful way to develop your games. It combines a high-end 3D engine, a 2D engine, a physics engine, a map and model editor, a script compiler and huge libraries of 3D objects, artwork and pre-made games.

One of the most powerful aspects of 3D Game Studio lies in how you can produce games at 3 different levels. You can start with the more simple 'Click together' games constructed in the level editor, or ambitious beginners can program games in C-Script, while experienced programmers can program their games in full C++.

The new A6 engine, soon to be supported with direct export from gameSpace to the A6 model format, features a physics engine, and programmable particles effects and more.

You'll also find 17 demos on their site which you can download, to see what others have already done with 3D Game Studio - and that's without the benefit of gameSpace to help them create their 3D content! Just imagine what you could do.

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