Q. What IS gameSpace?
A. gameSpace is an all inclusive high performance graphics-authoring tool that allows users to create compelling 2D and 3D content that can be exported to most industry game formats. It is targeted towards game developers and game enthusiasts who are looking for alternatives to high priced, complicated 3D authoring tools and low-end, low-performance, time consuming shareware authoring tools. gameSpace will export to the major game engines.
Q. Who should buy gameSpace?

A. gameSpace is the most powerful, easy to use, all-inclusive game content authoring tool available on the market today. We would like to think that everyone interested in game development would buy gameSpace. ;-) Users who can take advantage of gameSpace are:

  • Mod makers for Unreal, Half-life, Quake and other major games
  • Independent game developers looking for easier, more affordable advanced 3D graphics tools.
  • Users that are looking for an introduction to 3D graphics or 3D game content creation.
  • 2D game developers who are looking for ways to drastically reduce production time creating stunning 3D effects using animated 2D sprites.
  • 3D modelers looking for an alternative to high priced, hard to use 3D tools
Q. How is gameSpace different than trueSpace?

A. gameSpace is based on Caligari’s flagship product trueSpace. trueSpace is one of the premier 3D authoring tools on the market today with tens of thousands of users worldwide. gameSpace has functionality specific to game developers at an attractive price point. For those who are interested in creating high-end animations, product design, illustration, architectural renderings and other professional level graphics, you should consider trueSpace, the price-performance leader in 3D.

Q. Does gameSpace export to the major game engines?

A. Yes, gameSpace was designed specifically to replace the current convoluted workflow needed to generate content for game engines. From gameSpace, you can export content to formats directly usable by game engines such as DarkBasic, 3D Game Studio, Quake, Unreal, Half-life and a collection of others. There will be tutorials on exporting to these game engines available to all gameSpace users to make learning the process of game content creation fun and painless.

Q. Will gameSpace support new formats as they become available?
A. Yes, Caligari is dedicated to keeping the gameSpace tools up to date with added functionality and support of new game formats as they are developed. You can be assured that the functionality will always be up to date.
Q. Will there be support for users of gameSpace?
A. Yes. Content creation is a skill that takes work and perseverance. gameSpace provides the tools to learn, grow and excel in content creation. It also provides a community of thousands of other users on Caligari’s forums to get creative feedback, pointers, and professional feedback on your work. Caligari also offers customers support for technical issues.

若是您希望進一步瞭解 gameSpace 的功能,請 E-Mail: dgsupport@digivision.com.tw

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